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Saving your no claims bonus?

A fact which is proudly proclaimed by short term car insurance companies is that if you have an accident whilst driving a vehicle which is covered by a short term policy and you are judged to be at fault this would have no effect upon any no claims discount that you are entitled to on any other policy that you have on your main car. This is often absolutely correct, but it is not the whole story. If you have an existing car insurance policy, or you wish to take one out in the future, you are obliged to inform the insurer of any accidents that you have been involved in. This will include any accidents whilst you are covered by other insurers, including short term car insurance providers. When calculating your premium any such accidents are taken into consideration and you could therefore find yourself saddled with a substantial increase or even a loading on a current policy. It is correct that you would probably still receive the same no claims discount; but the basic underlying premium could rise by a considerable amount so you would still end up paying out a lot more than you would have done had the accident not occurred. Needless to say, insurance companies are often very dilatory at pointing out facts like these.

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