One Day Car Insurance

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Lending your car to someone? Be very, very careful.

A friend asks for permission to borrow your car for one day and assures you that insurance is in place. You agree and two weeks later your car has been crushed, you have been fined £5000 and lost your driving licence. Is this a gross exaggeration?

Not in the slightest. The onus is on anyone who lends a car to someone else to ensure that it is properly insured and claiming that you believed this to be the case, when it was not, would not be accepted as a valid defence by any court in the land. The only way to avoid the penalties for allowing someone to drive your car whilst uninsured would be to claim that you had never given permission for the person concerned to drive the car at all, which would lay that person open to all sorts of criminal charges. A very messy situation indeed.

The fact is that thousands of motorists routinely lend their cars to other people, oblivious of the fact that this is an offence. Many of them get away with it, many others suffer the consequences and these can be disastrous. The person actually driving the car faces a charge number IN10, which is driving a car without insurance, but the owner of the vehicle also faces a charge number IN12, which is allowing someone else to drive a car without insurance. The penalties the both of these offences are very similar and include not only substantial fines but also penalty points on the driving licence at least, and outright disqualification if the court feels that the offence warrants it.

If a driver is stopped by the police and a check of the Motor Insurers Database indicates that this person is not insured to drive that vehicle it is very likely that the car will be taken off to a police pound. Before this vehicle could be released a substantial fee would have to be paid and the authorities would have to be completely satisfied that the person collecting it was not only authorised to do but was fully insured to drive the vehicle. If this was not done quickly the vehicle would be sent off for crushing and there would be no recompense whatsoever due to the owner.

This may all sound absolutely Draconian but the fact is that uninsured drivers are a major problem on Britain's roads so the authorities are doing all they can to stamp this problem out. Insisting on a temporary insurance policy, even for just 1 day, to cover anyone who borrows your car could save you from a nightmare situation.

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