One Day Car Insurance

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Driveaway Cover

If you are buying a new or used car from a dealer you may be offered what is called driveaway insurance. This is a policy designed to cover you for the first few days or even weeks of your ownership of your new vehicle, and can be thrown in without charge by the dealer.

A number of insurance companies participate in schemes like this and the usual condition is that you get a quotation from them for a full year's cover. On the face of it this is a win – win situation since they may get the business and you benefit from a bit of free insurance and you are under no obligation (officially) to accept their quotation although you will be put under a certain amount of sales pressure.

Do bear in mind that a high proportion of people who take out driveaway insurance and are offered yearly policies do go on to buy them without first searching around for alternative prices and they could potentially be wasting a great deal of money which they could perhaps save by visiting a good car insurance price comparison website.

If you are buying privately however this type of policy is extremely unlikely to be made available to you. In this case you may wish to buy a short term car insurance policy to cover you for a few days whilst you shop around for the best long-term solution to your needs.

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