One Day Car Insurance

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Short term car insurance and car auctions

Car auctions can be happy hunting grounds for police forces who want to push up their figures for catching uninsured motorists. Every week thousands of buyers drive cars home from an auction either knowingly, or mistakenly, without insurance cover and whilst the majority get away with it a substantial minority are prosecuted, suffering heavy fines, points on their licences and possibly even disqualification. And it is so unnecessary. The majority of car auctions provide Wi-Fi access and even when this is not the case alternative Wi-Fi Internet access from providers like BT Openzone or similar offerings can allow owners of laptops, iPads etc to get online. It is then usually an easy matter to buy a temporary car insurance policy for just a few days; or even just one day; to cover any vehicle which is purchased and apart from being able to drive the car home legally you may even be able to use the policy to tax it as well. A far more pleasant prospect than seeing your new purchase towed away to a police pound and subsequently crushed up because you have been caught driving without cover. Do bear in mind that one major provider, Temp Cover, specifically exclude any use of a vehicle insured through them for purposes connected with the motor trade so if you are a dealer you may wish to buy from a different company and satisfy yourself that what you are using the car for is acceptable to the insurer.

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